Road Tripping


Here is an interesting article from Travel & Leisure on road tripping. This summer most people are opting for travel by car instead of plane. The article has some good links for planning your trip. There are a few things this article didn’t detail that I think it is important to add. For hotels, check in advance which hotels are open, require masks upon entry in the lobby and if their restaurant and amenities are open (don’t assume anything). When traveling to a Hilton property in Richmond, VA, masks were required in the lobby, the restaurant and the pool were closed and the gym was open. Food could be delivered but you had to receive it outside the entrance. The room was spotless and they spaced all guests well away from each other.
The second note is planning for food. Dining local is always a rule for us when we travel. It’s part of the experience. Many restaurants have delivery only, outside dining only, require reservations and have limited hours. When you are traveling to your next destination, determine when you are arriving, and have one of your passengers start the search for dining options so you are prepared, otherwise you may arrive and are eating fast food often or out of a vending machine (yep, that’s happened…). If you are enjoying the outdoors in rural areas this becomes more critical and you should keep the cooler stocked with food and beverages as you are traveling. Yelp has served me well over the years in finding some amazing local eateries and they have been accurate with their COVID updates for restaurants. I wish you safe travels this summer.

Take good care,